Thursday, August 22, 2013

Scandal - Angelina Zhang

Hong Kong artist, Angelina Zhang, being in the spotlight. Seven sexy actress nude photo was leaked in cyberspace. Zhang did not deny the photo.

"Yes it was me. Photos were taken in 2009 by one of Hong Kong's photographer friend. I do not need to hide it," Zhang was quoted as saying Divaasia.

He added that the photo was not pornographic. He considered this picture as a work of art. "The photos are very artistic," he said.

Even so, he was disappointed and angry that innocent photographs became public. He suspects his ex-manager as the mastermind behind the spread of the exciting pictures.

Zhang did not stay silent. He took the case to the realm of law. She was accompanied by her husband, Mark Wu reported the case to police. "People who have released these pictures are animals and should be punished. That's why we ask for the help of the police," said Zhang upset.